Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cabo San Lucas Here We Come

December 20 and we were off for another Christmas in Mexico.
We stayed at a smaller resort; we did take part in a few activities, even though this was to be more of a relaxing holiday. We spent some time in the pool and relaxing in the sun by the pool.
Always enjoyable the 'Sunset Dinner Cruise'; we went this time aboard the Caborey complete with drinks, wonderful dinner, excellent entertainment and of course the beautiful sunset; a totally delightful evening; weather was beautiful.
Christmas dinner this year was Mexican fair at 'Las Guacamayas Restaurant'; good food, service and very friendly staff.

New Years dinner was Italian (yup Italian in Mexico) at Pan Di Bacco.
Parasailing attracted us again this year. It is just so peaceful and incredibly quiet floating up there in the air. Another pleasant afternoon and I'm sure not the last time we will take part in this activity.

I had an awesome massage on the balcony of our resort.
Sad to be going home but as is said 'all good things must come to an end'.
I'm sure we will return to Mexico again .

Sunday, December 15, 2013

The BOSS That Wasn't

THE BOSS......
Hmmmmm let's see; over the years there have been bosses in my life I would have walked on hot coals for; bosses I would have gladly run over; bosses I tried my very best to ignore; bosses I learned from; bosses I gave lessons to. During my working years I was fortunate to have worked with some for whom I have great respect for...(still today).
Occasionally we all (I am sure) encounter a boss who is less than desirable in terms of 'boss material'.
How about a person in charge of the entire operation who leaves for vacation and doesn't inform anyone until the end of the day before he is to be gone. Very inconsiderate especially when he holds the purse strings, the signing authority and ALL the SAY.
How about a person who makes plans, changes and decisions regarding your position without telling you he has made these changes; you find out only by chance when you enquire about something unrelated.
How about someone who will not contribute to flowers for an employee who is in hospital (nor does he send flowers on his own).
How about a boss who will not give his receptionists (at Christmas time) even a box of chocolates when others (technicians) in the company get performance bonuses based on the performance of the company.
How about a boss who walks right past your office door on his way in and doesn't even acknowledge you with a good morning........leaves at night past the very same door without a good bye, good night, or see you tomorrow.
How about a boss who displays all the traits of a 'male chauvinist' as he looks towards a male co-worker even when replying to a question you (a female) have asked (just as if you don't exist).
How about it; how about it; how about it...........? I had a boss who was all of the above and more.........he was the BOSS that WASN'T as far as I'm concerned and will never have even one ounce of my respect. Now I got that off my chest he can go to hell and I can forget him and never be frustrated over his stupidity again ever, ever, ever.....!
My last day at Pentlands was December 10, 2013 !!
And he said to me when I gave my notice.................."Why?"

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Prep Month

November soon to turn into December, into Christmas, into our trip to Mexico.
The Chiropractor, after many months, didn't seem to be alleviating my neck problem........so on to another option (physiotherapy)........which would continue for all of November.
In preparation for the Mexican sun we started Tanning sessions on the 18th and they would continue for the rest of November. We were looking forward to our vacation and a relaxing two weeks in Cabo San Lucas.
With the exception of the end of Daylight Saving Time, Veteran's Day (US) and Remembrance Day, November was otherwise an ordinary month without any earth-shattering happenings.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Time For the Goblins



                                  EVERYONE !!



Is That So?

Shall I say......, can I say......, will you listen.......?
I have no words adequate to express my frustration at this moment as I write today's entry.
At this time I find myself bombarded with advertisings about everything from the air we breathe to the makeup of our headstone. It has become difficult to sort out the chaff from the wheat (which is also becoming a bad word today) of advertising in my world.......and......I watch very little TV so I can just imagine what it must be like for someone who spends a lot of time in front of the tube (not expressing an opinion about whether watching TV is good, bad or indifferent and there is certainly a lot of advice about that as well). Not only TV but magazines, billboards, the grocery store and every corner you turn offers up some advertising about something. I have no idea what is true, false or in between; further I have no clue how to find out. It seems that my privacy is being threatened on a daily basis just because I am forced to look at all this advertising.
Also flooding me is all the advice about what is good for me, what is bad for me, what is going to surely kill me, what will cripple me, what has killed a child, what has miraculously cured someone of some horrible fate caused by eating or doing the wrong thing..........the list is endless. My frustration with it all seems endless as well.
Everyone rants about something, offers up advice about something, passes along information about something.........that will save you, kill you or anything in between. Good grief people, do you have any idea what you are doing......, what you are saying........, if it may be true......., if it may be false (or anything in between).....????
I know, I know, I need only to look the other way........ignore what is constantly in front of me; it means essentially I pay attention to NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING at all.
Instead I will pay attention to my beautiful little Mocha who runs in abandon through her adventures, which is what I wish I were able to do through all the 'stuff' I don't care about and don't want to hear, that bombards me every single day.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Surrey International Writer's Conference

I am playing catch-up on my blog here; can't believe how long it's been since I last wrote but now that I have decided to catch up I can't remember many details about that which I wish to write........hmmmm.
Recalling the Writer's Conference, the highlight for me was being able to attend with Keltie. She spent Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night with us and we went 'conferencing' Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I guess it would be on the negative side to say I didn't get a great deal from the week-end but I found the presentations leaned towards the authors making splendid effort to reinforce their 'look-what-I-did' attitude as opposed to offering any real advice, as well the conference offered a great vehicle to sell their books. I was especially looking forward to seeing and hearing Diana Gabaldon but came away from her presentation somewhat disappointed as I did most of the others.
It was another learning experience for sure and wonderful to get to spend time with Keltie.
A doorprize came home with both Keltie and I (books) and Keltie bought me the book by Christopher Vogler 'The Writer's Journey' which was so thoughtful of her.
So......another adventure in my life and times.