Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Moving Family

We are here today and must be gone tomorrow, or at least the tomorrow that will come at the end of August.
Oh woe is we; they have sold the house from under us, so we must find another. Just finding another is a job all of its own; the moving quite another chore.
So..........I'm looking for all the energy you can send to help us out.......some for me to get through the days (I'm exhausted)........some for George (he also needs some too)........some just for the move. I have my basket held out ready to catch any you can spare to send me; all contributions gratefully accepted.
On a more positive note (I haven't written in ages) the weather has improved somewhat out here; it seems a bit warmer with a little less rain and with a tad bit of's great!
Tammy, Bob and Benji have moved to the farm. Shelby has moved to her new place. Aaron will be moving soon to finish his summer at Bob's parent's place, then coming back out here early August.
It seems as if we are a 'moving' (literally) family; not sure what's up with that.

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Linda J said...

Wow, when it happens it all happens at once! Well, hope you get through - stay strong... perhaps, move this way????? Big hugz wherever you are, always!