Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Grand Phoenix (My Very Own Legend)

The dazzling mass streaked across the sky in a blaze of flaming color, to land atop the highest tree in our dimension. This beauty had come from a thousand years of placing care and love and courage with all who needed it. Anyone in the presence of this beautiful supernatural found themselves surrounded, protected and encouraged, as though someone held their hand and walked their every step with them, but most of all this experience was like a dream they would never truly be able to feel, touch or know for certain had really happened. Now this beauty, tired, weak from its years of tending and old from the years passing, was ready to renew itself with youth and opportunity to learn and serve again; ready to die to have that. Landing on the height of the palm tree, the amazing Phoenix waited as the sun warmed its place to flames, the winds fanned the fire and soon all that remained was ashes. From the ashes there appeared another dazzling mass of flaming color, a younger version of itself. Flapping its wings, renewing the fire it rose up from the flames, soaring into the sky on its way to serve the world once more. Done with their purpose the flames died, leaving not a trace of their existence in the tree. There was nothing to show what had happened except the beautiful supernatureal immortal being that had just flown away, its fiery color now among the clouds.

proud bird
stands amidst the flames
lived one thousand years
begs for peace and rest
willing to burn
to be young again, not tired
sun and wind are nature's way
giving and fanning the flames
when ash remains birth will dawn
legend to live on
The Phoenix

(Saturday Writing Prompt (WFSC) Jan 29, 2011)

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