Thursday, July 19, 2012

Special Summer Visitors (1)

June 28th arrived; Shelby and Benji(e) arrived with it; for a wonderful special summer visit as a part of Benji(e)'s 12th birthday celebration this year. They stayed with us until July 03; time flew by like the wind; then they were gone; I miss them; it was so nice to have you both here.
In spite of the rain which fell for most of the days, we still managed to do lots of fun things with them.
June 29th:
We visited the Vancouver Aquarium and drove around Stanley Park.
June 30th:
Movie time (tooooo rainy)........."The Hunger Games" (first film). We had Sushi for dinner; everyone enjoyed that. Then slurpies were in order so the kids got slurpies and they bought us flowers (very nice).
July 01: Beach time.........they explored the beach in Whiterock; had ice cream from the ice cream shop (also in Whiterock). Canada Day Celebrations were happening in Surrey; kids had a few rides & a snack, then home & Benji(e) found some new friends (met the kids downstairs) and they played ball outside. Later in the evening we enjoyed the fireworks.
July 02:
Trip to Granville Island (began raining while we were there); had lunch; came home and Benji(e) made cookies and Shelby made pudding (yummy). Ben played with the kids from downstairs again.
July 03:
Finally made it to the GoCarts (we thought the rain was going to keep us away) but everyone enjoyed the day there. Hurried home to have dinner and get to the airport..........then they were gone.
It went by altogether too quickly; seemed almost like I imagined they were here. I am so glad they came to spend some time with us. We enjoyed having them.

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