Friday, February 8, 2013

Written in the Memories

Written in the memories of my heart, it stands still, strong and durable, capable of enduring the wildest wind and weather, a symbol of the people who built it, rugged, brave and tenacious. Standing now for almost a hundred years this magnificent symbol should be preserved and protected from the destruction of the progress threatening all of society. Offering warmth and shelter to all the animals of this farmland the red barn (a typical country picture of years past) welcomes still, any who may need its protection.
Strong bright red paint slightly pealed near the edges reflects the pride of Jacob and Sarah, the farmer and his wife who tended the grains and animals on this homestead. The roof (where Sally and little Jake used to sit and watch as the sun would sink below the horizon most evenings) shows ever such slight wear; as though it were only put up yesterday. Actually it was put up yesterday; the yesterday of our heritage.
As I walk the path towards the warmth and welcome of this old barn my mind wanders to a time of solitude and peace; when neighbors were friends; when friends held out a hand; when the hand meant to offer help. Lonely among the furrows where the wheat used to grow it nestles close to the comfort of one lone tree rustling in the soft breeze. Just off in the distance a forest of trees; a haven for the wildlife who often came to visit close to the barn where they were usually welcomed with a drink and perhaps a small warning if mischief was their intention.
The closer I get the louder becomes the meowing of the barn cats as they used to line up for their squirt at milking time, the chickens as they scratch and search, the cows as they are chewing, the horses as they swish their tails, the piglets in play. The barn-smells wafting across the breeze to my nostrils remind me of a yesterday long gone; long gone but never forgotten; placed lovingly in the recesses of my memories; stored for just such an occasion; at hand whenever a walk back in time seemed to pull me; at hand whenever I needed reminding of the important things in life.

Written in the memories of my heart

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