Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter in Winnipeg

March 27 we were off to visit Danielle, Tyler, Levi and Austin.
The snow was still piled high though the weather wasn't really too cold. We had a nice visit and got to see Danielle's horse.
For some reason we both got the flu 'again' while there, so a good deal of our short stay was spent in bed. I decided (in my wisdom), that perhaps we should only visit Winnipeg in the summer time; maybe we wouldn't get the flu. This trip it was Austin who was sick when we got there; the last time it was Levi who had been sick; no matter from whence it came we caught the bug and it was a little annoying.
The kids quite enjoyed some time outside in the melting snow (puddles) splashing around and getting thoroughly wet and cold. They also had a good time hunting for Easter eggs (which I missed while in bed) and were pretty pleased with the Easter Bunny.
Flying back home on the 31st was not fun (being sick) but we made it back and spent some time recuperating, George taking longer than I did because he was somewhat compromised with lung problems to begin with. However.........survive we did and it was back to work on the 1st which I wasn't ready for. 
Now I think I have done quite enough complaining for this blog.......we are looking forward to April and spring!

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