Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Question Is.........?

It was  April 30 (Tuesday) and I was very excited to be picking up my granddaughter and her boyfriend from the airport........they were coming for a short visit. Plane arrived on time; we collected them, their luggage; drove home; they had a relax day on Wednesday; George & I worked; we went for Sushi after work......a nice start to their visit.

After Sushi that evening they wanted to walk on the beach at sunset so we headed to Whiterock and the beach. They walked along the beach while I took some pictures then they headed back in to take a few pictures with us. At the first opportunity Brodie (ring in hand, on bended knee) said to Shelby "I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you.......will you marry me?" We were all shocked but none more than Shelby........she was speechless for a time but then she said "YES!"........with tears all around George nudged me out of my shock saying "Grace, take a picture, take a picture!!". People watched from the walkway, then cheered when they realized what was happening. George said "Wow I've never been to a proposal before!" (As a matter of fact nor had I; it was very moving and romantic.) Way to go Brodie; you surprised everyone. No wonder you had been so quiet and reserved all evening; keeping that all to yourself!

So how can you top that one?.......I'm not sure!

Thursday we went to Granville island where Shelby got another of her purse/bags she likes so much. We had lunch then Shelby and Brodie bought some seafood to make seafood pasta for us for dinner. We came back home and they made a yummy dinner for us.
We went to Forks, Washington (Friday). That made Shelby's year (she said) to see the home of 'Twilight'. We walked and they romped on the beach at LaPush; took lots more pictures; spent the night; generally saw everything there was to see related to 'Twilight'; Shelby bought souvenirs. It was an enjoyable two days but lots of travel in a short time. We needed to be back home for Sunday though....(for the pic-a-nic).
A pic-a-nic it was for lunch on Sunday. Then back to the beach in Whiterock; ice cream; then back home to rest.
We had a baking and rest day on Monday. Made cookies and ate cookies and froze cookies!
Tuesday came too quickly and they had to head back to Edmonton. We stopped to have "all-you-can-eat" fish and chips before heading out to the airport to send them on their way. 
Thanks for coming to visit. We were so glad you were able to come spend some time with us; enjoyed having you both.
This is the poem I wrote in honor of your engagement:

Sunset on the Beach

I'd give anything in the world he was thinking
if that little girl with the red hair would
come sit with me, hold my hand
Not only will she sit with you
she will spend her life with you; cherish her; cherish him

The setting sun honored this your special day
As the walk on the beach was nearing its close
your world dwindled to exclude all else
locked in each other's arms
standing in a sunshine of your very own

Best friends pledged their love one to the other
As we affirmed the heartfelt scene before us
tears of happiness like droplets of rain
sprinkled cheeks in promise
Fading light blessed your engagement

On bended knee he offered lifetime commitment
Accepting a forever pledge of love, of sharing
she returned her own special promise
blessed by the sleeping sun
sheltered safe in the arms of creation
Your path will be filled with every circumstance
happiness, sunshine, sadness and raindrops
queries, surprises, shocks and knowing
accept each one as allotted
wrap them all, learn their intention

Hold fast to the memory, newness of this day
forever let it guide your journey together
see clearly choices, decisions, commitment
Let it allow who you are as two
enhance who you will be as one

Happiness always as you prepare for a lifetime together

For Shelby and Brodie,
on the occasion of your engagement
As this new stage of your life begins
I wish you both
health happiness and forever love
Love always, granny                          May 01, 2013

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