Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ajo Keeps Calling

George was off to Ajo, Arizona again April 9th (back on April 14).....seems he can't get the estate finalized and the place keeps calling.
He arrived safely; uneventful flight; picked up his rental car; drove to Ajo; checked into his room; discovered there was no phone in his room & the desk had closed behind him; tried to message me & found no service; drove back to Gila Bend (almost an hour) to call me; back to his room for the the time he got back to his room it would have been WELL past midnight.......rather like a horror story, but not unlike what I might expect from this little town in Arizona. The motel he reserved assured him they would have free WiFi but on this night there was no WiFi at all (free or otherwise). I'm sorry for the attitude but I didn't particularly like Ajo on the two occasions I was there previously with George.............George's experience this trip hasn't improved my opinion about the place. I feel sorry that he had to make this trip alone but I couldn't take more days off at this time.
Evenutally WiFi was available and the motel made their phone available to him so at least we talked on the phone and could chat on BBM which helped the situation.
Hopefully this will be the last time he will have to make this trip to Ajo & he will be able to finalize things at last. The handling of this estate has been rather a nightmare for him; first lawyer had a nervous breakdown & quit; second lawyer was somewhat greedy & wanted money money money; the real estate person looking after the rental of the property had some issues and disappeared; there were other issues as well but that pretty much sums up and describes the way the whole ordeal has unfolded for him. It's very difficult to take care of these kind of things when you are so far least when you are dealing with less than 'straight' individuals.

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