Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Things That Do Not Go Thump in the Night

The moon shone full sphere, lighting the yard and doing a better job than a spot light would. But it was more than just the moon..............Nothing out here could go un-noticed and that's a fact. Charlie, as quietly as he could meander his dog-body across the front lawn, could not go undetected because he would be seen clearly by any passerby, from as far away as the road. He would create one of those long tall shadows that would slink across the yard and seem to be an extension of its owner. Crusty would not escape the watchful eyes of anyone inside the house choosing to look out the window in search of the cat. No creature would be able to move in this yard and remain unnoticed. It was that light...........but there IT was..............appearing as if by spell.
As dark inside as it was light out, they sat; their eyes were all as big as saucers and pinned to the front door.
There wasn't a hint of movement from one single person.
They were all frozen in position and in the moment.
Even though together in the room, each one was alone with their very own private thoughts.
They watched two wee shiny circles (eyes?) slowly move across the small window beside the door.
Footsteps moved deliberately back and forth, back and forth, on the proch in front of the door, each time crossing the squeaking loose board as they passed.
Quiet breathing could be discerned from inside but that was barely audible.
Every tick of the otherwise overlooked clock could be heard..........and sounded like a drum amidst the silence of this midnight room.
The door knob turned ever so slowly........the door knob was not locked.........the door did not move inward.........the deadbolt was engaged. Everyone held their breath........sweating..........waiting.
It was becoming hard for them to breathe..........how long would it be before they would hear the clunk of the deadbolt being turned back inside the door frame?
Jake, at long last finding his body and brain and joining the two, as quietly as possible, rose and tiptoed over to the closet where he found and secured the bat they all played ball with. Deliberately he placed himself beside the door with the bat raised high above his head.......He waited. All eyes were now turned on Jake.
Back and forth, back and forth on the porch in front of the door; footsteps again crossing the squeaking loose board.......
Jake poised near the door; bat held in position; still waited........with everyone as they heard the sound of a key being pushed into the lock.
As quickly as an eye could blink there was a flash of light as the front door swung open.........the bat..........in Jakes hands.......was snatched in mid swing.

WWU Writing Prompt May 05, 2012

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