Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dreams Can Live

As I grew older and began to examine the things I had done in my life I realized there were a few things I had always 'wanted' to do but didn't ever pursue. Learning to fly was one of those aspirations.
For my birthday George got me an hour flight in an ultra-lite. So on Sept 03, I had the choice to fly over the city or over the mountains; of course I chose the mountains. I struggle with finding the words to describe this experience. I was at first a little apprehensive; feeling a bit nervous. It was a very exciting time for me as we flew over the mountains and lakes; through the beautiful soft fluffy white clouds. The pilot let me fly the plane which was quite a thrill.
Although I will probably never actually learn to fly (in this lifetime) this day was like a dream come to life for me. I wrote a poem about this wonderful gift George gave me. Here it is:

                              A Dream Can Live

                       Mountains grand, with craggy peaks and crevices
                        but a breath away from my finger tips
                        Lakes below, green and smooth as glass
                        far away, seemed off in another world
                        Fluffy white clouds, inviting a body to sleep
                        floating just beyond the window's edge
                        This picture cloaked in shimmering rays of sunshine
                        a perfect day for gathering thought
                        It was what I imagined freedom to be
                        up here where the breezes live
                        where the eagles soar
                        Tipping the wings
                        Dipping the nose
                        Turning, floating around in the sky
                        The feeling of freedom was grand
                        nary a burden or care could I find
                        just the sky, the clouds, the wind and me
                        as we explored the path of the birds
                        The corn maze, the bridges, the city in motion
                        was a sight from high above
                        Far off I could see Mt Baker
                        clean and fine and fierce
                        But then........
                        I had the controls
                        I could feel movement giving in to my touch
                        I was flying the plane
                        It was a thrill and an honor
                        to respect the hold of this enchanting machine
                        I shall keep the memory of this day
                        to my heart for always
                        the day I went flying with the wind
                        There is but one thing
                        that would have made it
                        more special, more memorable, more awesome
                        If I could have held your hand
                        lay my head on your shoulder
                        to share these special moments all with you

                        It was a wonderful thoughtful gift
                        It was a magical day
                        a reminder forever that dreams can live

                        Remembering my (birthday) flight, Sep 03/12
                        Thank you George,
                        Love forever 'n ever

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