Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Cascades

Everyone should take a trip through the Cascades.........amazing mountain views, fresh air and nature. Mocha stayed in Mt. Vernon with Robin, we drove the loop east through the Cascades, down to the Grand Coulee Dam, back west to Mt. Vernon to get Mocha, then home.

Our adventure started out in Mt. Vernon on Sep 14. Travelling on the North Cascades Hiway we passed by Ross Lake Dam and on through the Washington Pass Overlook where we ate lunch looking up at the beautiful mountains. It seemed a bit hazy; we later found out there were fires burning in the area though there was no smell of smoke. After eating our Sub Sandwich and wandering around looking at the beautiful scenery, we moved on to whatever else there was to see.

Winthrop was our next stop where we walked through the town a bit and looked in some shops (lots of quaint little shops there). The lure of gold brought the first permanent white settlers to this area in the late 1800's. The town is named after Theodore Winthrop (adventurer, traveler and gifted author). An old town with tons of history and many tales to tell including a fire which required the town be rebuilt (also in the late 1800's). Warings Saloon (built in 1891) survived the fire and is now the town hall. Many tales, but all for a writing of their very own.

Our trip continued through Okanagan where we stopped for a coffee, then moved along to the Grand Coulee Dam. The dam, built between 1933 and 1942 with 2 power plants (a third completed in 1974), is the largest electric power producing facility in the US and is the largest concrete structure in the world. In the evening a light show projected on the dam told a story about the history and construction of this project. Pretty amazing and again many tales, but all deserve a writing of their very own.

We bunked in Electric City for the night and followed our nose back home the next day (no actually we followed the hiway).

It was through Dry Falls (looking over the landscape) and on to Sun Lakes State Park where we spent a short while looking, and walking around the lake. It was a good time of year to explore because there were few tourists and lots of space. A busier time would have made a very pleasant sight a little less enjoyable. We visited the little store and chatted with a few people who were fishing off the dock and catching the odd fish..........everyone seemed very friendly and happy to visit with us.

Wenatchee was next on the way with the air still smokey and hazy. Wenatchee, (named for the Wenatchi Indian tribe) is known as the Apple Capital of the World.  Along the way there were some folk by the Wenatchee River (this couple with their dog and another fellow panning for garnets) so George checked out that situation and he found a couple tiny garnets that we took home. Time spent stopping beside the river, exploring the paths and trails along the way was peaceful and restful.

There is something about the sound of a river flowing that always reaches inside me; soothes me. We continued through Skykomish Pass on to Everett and Mt. Vernon for dinner with Robin, Tesla and Tugce (Mexican Food).

Mocha was happy to see us although we know she was well taken care of and spoiled while we were away. Little Tesla loves to be with Mocha, feeding her and petting her and covering her with a blanket etc. and Mocha has learned to be quite tolerant of her. I'm glad they get along well.

Our trip through the Cascades was short but a most enjoyable break.
I hope to explore that trail again sometime.

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