Saturday, August 31, 2013

Exploring North Carolina

Air Canada flew us safely to North Carolina for a few days (Aug 21 and back home on aug 26).
While there we attended a Kryon Channeling by Lee Carroll.........enlightening! We also had a nice visit with Gary and Ginny who attended the Chanelling with us.

Arriving in Rawleigh-Durham Aug. 22 we spent the day at Gary and Ginny's. They took us for a nice lunch (Mexican) then we visited at their place. On the 23rd Gary drove us to Asheville, a very unique and historical city with much to see and explore (although we didn't have too much time for that). Everyone enjoyed lunch at the Green Sage then George and I were treated to a session in the Salt Cave which was awesome. (Thank you so much both of you.) The Cave is constructed of approximately 20 tons of Polish salt. The floor is covered in Dead Sea salt. Temperatures are maintained at 68 to 72 degrees with 50-60% humidity; relaxing within puts you in a calm stress-free state of mind. It was a unique experience. If ever you visit Asheville I recommend a session in the Salt Cave.

A bit of exploring then we headed for our hotel where the conference was being held for Saturday and Sunday.

This is the Kryon Prayer:
I give this day to
all that is Divine
Each step that I take,
let it be anointed and blessed
When the challenges come forth,
as they will in duality
Let me celebrate them
and move through them
With appropriateness and Love

After the conference on Sunday we drove back to Gary and Ginny's; it was about a 4.5 hr drive so it was very late when we got back. Our flight home was in the afternoon the following day; off we flew for home, arriving about 9:30 pm. Tobias picked us up from the airport, we drove home, unpacked and hit the sack for a good sleep.

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