Monday, August 19, 2013

Winnipeg Visitors

Danielle, Tyler, Levi and Austin came out to the coast for a visit; they stayed over with us on the 16th. and we spent Saturday (17th) with them. We had a visit to Bear Creek park where the kids played (the big kids toooo), had a ride on the train and a nice walk amidst the flowers and plants (a pleasant morning). Back home we ate lunch then everyone took a nap. After our nap we went to Langley to meet up with Eric, Robin & Tesla and Tobias, Karli, Ava & Hannah for dinner and a get-together. It was a most enjoyable day.
We were invited to celebrate the Hendren b/days on the 18th. at Claudette's (all three of the guys) where we had burgers, corn, fruit, birthday cake and of course the birthday boys got presents. Another enjoyable visit with the whole family together; good photo opportunity and we did get a few of those.
They left for home Aug 25th. Levi will be going to Kindergarten this time flies. It seems like only yesterday he was just a baby. Now he has a brother, three cousins and another cousin on the way !!! 

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