Monday, June 7, 2010

Grand Babies

Those more precious than the the most rare of gems; your children. From your children a connection even more precious; your grandchildren. Grand babies filled a spot inside my heart I thought was full with my children. They add so much life; they make you feel young once more; there is nothing filled with more delight; they are on loan to us.......their youth in exchange for our age; they come at a period in life when you have more time to devote to their learning and growth; they accept and love us exactly as we are.
So many pictures gathered from being with my beautiful grandkids, fill my many volumes of memory books.........the joy is endless; not to say there were not difficult learning experiences as well because there were a few. I remember with love the day they were each born & how special & unique they each grew to be. I hear the little voices still that said "Grandma can I stay over tonight?".....or "Grandma can we bake cookies?".....or "Grandma will you tuck me in and read me a story?".....or the big bear hug that came with "Grandma I love you, see you in the morning time".....(the words will stay in my heart forever).......the giggles and belly laughs when we played............the total freedom of their wonderful innocence.
Today my oldest grandson towers over me yet I can still see the little baby I held in my arms; I can still feel the little hand that encircled my fingers as we walked together; the words are sharp as I hear him saying all those years ago "No drive crazy grandpa, No tip a little man over" and "Do I ever get to sit in the front seat? NO" or the day he fell asleep in his plate in the restaurant.......all precious memories & rays of sunshine.
A beautiful young woman now, my granddaughter no longer needs me to hold her hand across the street, but still needs the hand to hold as she matures. A little voice still rings clear as little feet pattered down the hall to my bedroom and climbed into my bed..........."Hi Grandma, it's wake up time". She was the only baby I knew at the time who loved salad......(not sure that I know any others now). With the biggest smile you could ever imagine she could always light up my day!.
My youngest grandbaby is a special little boy with a tender heart. He has found horses and will soon say goodbye to city life for a more simple way on the farm. I remember having him for a sleep over (not often though 'cause he liked to be with his mom), going to the movies and going for ice cream. He isn't like the other kids and that's what makes him special.
As the years pass and those precious little grand babies become adults, the special bond I share with my grandchildren only gets stronger.
There is no experience like being a grandma.

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Linda J said...

Beautiful sentiment.

My jury is still out regarding "grand babies" - I'm sure I'll love 'em if and when they come along but they can take their time :) I can't write if they are crying :P