Monday, May 31, 2010

Gray Hair and Wrinkles

A picture of wisdom and experience; gray hair and wrinkles (on someone else).
There is a certain pride on this face; no shame for the gray hair and wrinkles; as it should be.
I have gray hair (actually it's mostly white; for sure more gray than Morgan's here) and I have wrinkles tooooo. For certain I won't be getting a facelift any time soon (perhaps in my next go-around depending on the life I choose to come back into); for now though I have no desire to go under anyone's knife just to stretch the skin over my bones so that it becomes impossible to for me to even smile (I like to smile so that just wouldn't work for me). Coloring my hair on the other hand, has been an option I have long taken part in, since my gray began with a white streak in the front, at about age thirteen (one three). At that time the kids I went to school with accused me of using something to put the streak in my hair; no matter what I said there was no convincing them of anything different. Many years later I am now faced with the dilemma of 'to color or not to color that is the question'
For the moment I have decided to let my hair grow out and be natural; no more coloring. Not certain I will like it when it does completely grow out though, I am reserving my final decision on the matter for another day in the future when I can look in the mirror and see nothing but white. That is a somewhat scary thought & shock I'm not sure I will like.
I ask myself "Self, why did you ever start this very expensive exercise of coloring your hair anyway? If you hadn't begun you wouldn't be having to face this yo yo decision-making now." Well, I did and now I do so the other is of no consequence so get on with it turbo, I say to myself and do whatever you must do.
My father, although I didn't ever know him, apparently had white hair at a very young age so it seems as though I have come by my white hair naturally. I feel resentment about my white hair and he who gave it to leave it go natural (adding white hair to my wrinkles) will seem to age me more than my years (I'm already a hundred and thirteen & I don't want to look a day older) continue coloring it is far too costly..........I resent my white hair; simple as that!
If having white hair is the only thing I have to belly-ache about though, I should consider myself very I will!

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Linda J said...

No one could tell - and only your hairdresser knew for sure... up until you decided to blab it all over your blog, that is. lol . but whatever you decide, Grace is not her hair or wrinkles and you cannot color that any more vibrant than you are. Not sure if I'd go with the white but that's me, va-ni-teeee :P

Whatever makes us happy and live to one hundred and thirteen and beyond.......