Saturday, November 13, 2010

Restful Peaceful Moments of Your Very Own

Amidst the hustle and bustle of living with life's demands, sometimes beyond my control, I need a place of my very own; a place where I can go to empty my mind of all the unwanted weeds. I can find that place in a quiet corner of my home or maybe outside under a tree among the falling leaves. There I can sit alone, calm my 'frazzled' nerves and allow myself to make the connection needed to solve what needs to be solved.
There are times when my mind is so busy and the thoughts so entwined, it becomes impossible to entertain even one rational idea. Those are the times I feel overwhelmed, fall into panic mode and think there is no way, no how, no solution. What I most often fail to remember is that I need to go to 'my place', empty my mind and wait to see what my 'nothing' tells me.
My nothing gives me most all the advice I need, I just need to give it the chance. What does your nothing tell you?

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Linda J said...

Hmmm... computer ghosts at it again - I posted a comment here in response... but oh, well... here is another but not sure if it is wittier or duller than the last. I know it is going nowhere fast at the moment, so here goes -
Right now my place under the tree is too cold but there is one in my words that holds me close when I need to get away - a novel, a story, a poem - all welcome me.