Friday, January 14, 2011

A Wolf is a Wolf

"Don't you know heartaches are heroes when their pockets are full"

(A line from 'Seven Year Ache' by Rosanne Cash)

I'm not sure what that line means to you but it brings some things to mind for me.............
In my youth I recall making certain judgments based on what turned out to be questionable criteria. My recollection brings to mind seeing someone who was dressed in a suit, tie, shiny shoes, driving a new car, carrying a briefcase, and walking with confidence. To my inexperienced understanding this presented an impression of a successful, very important individual; someone who would be advantageous to become acquainted with. There are some who still make decisions about a person or situation based on how they 'appear' (with dire consequence).
Fortunately years and experience offered me a new look on how to respond when judgments became critical or even just influencial to my day to day existence. Some decisions we make are of utmost importance to our well being (or that of some one else); others not so important; all are decisions none-the-less and all, I have come to learn, require that we weigh the information used in making those decisions; examine it in the proper light.
Usually I experience a first-impression of a person or situation but I don't normally allow that impression to dictate my final decision without further consideration of all the elements. In the end I usually stick with my first-impression because I have acquired the ability to assess on that basis, but not because of the way the person or situation 'looks' to me on the outside. A wolf after all, is a wolf, whether dressed in sheeps clothing or standing 'Au Naturel' and even though much can be learned from all associations, I have learned to hold the hand of a wolf with more caution than holding the hand of a sheep. More important, I have learned to recognize (usually) if it is wolf or sheep that stands before me.

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