Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas in Winnipeg

We left for Winnipeg on the 19th; had a 3 hour stop in Calgary; arrived a little late (time for bed) but all went well.
The next 3 days we stayed home with Levi while Tyler & Danielle went to work; then they were off for their Christmas holidays. It was fun getting re-aquainted with Levi again (we hadn't seen him since summer; he has grown & is talking up a storm now [most common remark "I do it by myself"]; what a sweetheart). On Tuesday we bundled him up (and ourselves) to walk to Safeway to buy a few things. That was an adventure in the snow. At some point while in the store Levi fell asleep & then slept all the way home in the stroller.
We both got the flu the day before Christmas Eve so were sick during the night and in bed most of the day and Christmas Eve. I bounced back pretty quickly but George took a bit longer though he eventually did get feeling better.
Christmas day we went to Tyler's parents place for dinner. We weren't feeling the greatest but unlike Tyler's mom who was also not feeling well, we were able to just sit and relax; she had to contend with making dinner and all the company. I felt bad for her; we should have all left and let her go to bed, but she was the gracious hostess with a constant smile on her face.
We had a very good visit with Danielle & Tyler (we thank them so much for their hospitality & taking care of us while we were sick) and lots of fun with Levi playing games, reading, & singing silly songs that we made up. It was a good trip & a nice Christmas.
Flights home were good (one even a half hour early). We arrived home New Years Eve around 7:00 ish; went straight from the airport to pick up Mocha who stayed with a lady I worked with at Lafarge. They had decided I couldn't have Mocha back; they were going to keep her but we quickly set that straight.............:) Seriously I am certain she was very well taken care of; she was invited back any time so that's always a good sign.
Anyway we got home & were unpacked etc by around 10:30. We waited to ring in the New Year at midnight then went to bed.
You can have a wonderful time but it is always always good to get home. This time was no exception!

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Anonymous said...

Happy to hear you had a good vacation despite being sick!

Happy New Year, my friend, and may all your 2011 dreams come true!

Hope you like the books.