Friday, June 10, 2011

Seeking Stanley V

All five here at home.
From the looks of this picture the team has had a good talking to, so they should win this game here at home. I say should because although I want them to win I really don't have any idea who will win.
What I am bewildered about though is the many Canadians who are not Canuck fans for this Stanley Cup series. I guess perhaps because I'm not a 'REAL' hockey fan I don't understand their position but it just seems to me that if your favorite Canadian team is not in the playoffs and another Canadian team made it, you should support that Canadian team. Sounds perfectly logical to me.........but obviously, what do I know? Regardless of the vast number of folk who are hoping for a Boston victory, (some of my very own favorite people in the whole wide world) I would like to see Vancouver win the cup.
End of the first period - No Score (Been there before)
End of the second period - No Score (Still)
End of the game - 1 Nothing and a victory for Vancouver
Congratulations Vancouver, just one more game to go.

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