Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunset Dinner Cruise

Sunday; a relax day until late afternoon; by the pool soaking up some sun; listening to the ocean.
In the afternoon we hopped the shuttle again, headed for the marina to find the 'Cabo Escape' boat for our 'Sunset Dinner Cruise'.
Once again the booze flowed freely, the food was good and the sunset was gorgeous with lots of opportunity for photos. The weather was beautiful; we had a most enjoyable evening.
A couple of patrons got out of hand (a bit too much to drink) but they were very quietly and quickly 'taken care of'...........I say 'taken care of' because we witnessed their performances then in the blink of an eye they had disappeared. I sincerely hope they weren't thrown overboard but they did need to be taken out of circulation with some time to sober up. Other than that the cruise was a happy partying group.
The countdown to heading home........two more days. We are wishing we had at least another week.........(March 11, 2012)

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