Monday, March 5, 2012

Visit to Candelaria

Monday and ready; up early as usual; breakfast in our room; get ready for another busy day. Most mornings I would walk down to the little coffee shop, (which is also where we could get free WiFi) get a coffee to go then we would be on our way. This morning we were picked up in front of the coffee shop to go to the location of the ATV tour.
As soon as we arrived we were outfitted; helmet, bandana and goggles......then we got quick instruction on operation of the ATV and we were off. George drove and I rode; only one problem; the ATV was a one-man machine so it was a bit uncomfortable but we made out alright. Another couple on the tour started out each on their own machine but the lady was having difficulty so after a few stops they decided that they would ride together as well and then we were able to get moving. There was some rough riding, lots of dust (I came to appreciate the need for the bandana which I couldn't in the beginning) and a few stops with some history and story telling from the guide. We drove into the little settlement of Candelaria, visited the church and went inside the boarding school. To see the school and how it was equipped made me very thankful for where we live and what we have.
On the return trip we spent some time on the beach watching the ocean, taking pictures and just enjoying the beautiful sunny day. There is something almost hypnotizing about the ocean and the waves.
Back at the starting point we were given a lunch then a ride back to our room; another enjoyable day!
That evening we went down to visit and tour the spa in our resort which included a work out area and as well was set up for massages with hot tubs etc. It was really a pretty nice place if you wanted pampering. We were both ready for the day to end; got ready for bed; played a few games of dice; did a bit of reading; off to bed for a much needed rest........seemed like we had been going pretty steady since we arrived with not much down time.........we were looking forward to a day by the pool.............(March 5, 2012)

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