Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mocha Finds a Baby

It was just a teen weeny little bunny. Mocha found it and she wanted to take care of it. When George realized what Mocha was busying herself with (licking and minding a little rabbit) he picked it up and brought it up to the house (we were at Eric & Robins). Mocha was insistent upon trying to turn it over on its back so she could lick its tummy (much to the rabbit's chagrin). Robin decided that she should do some research and maybe keep the rabbit so she put it in a box and we took it in the house. Mocha was beside herself trying to get into the box and get to the rabbit......................she was pretty sure that she had found a baby to take care of. Mocha (before she was spayed) seemed to have a cycle during which she would treat one of her little toys as a puppy, tending it, bringing it to us to look after while she went to eat/drink etc., cuddling with it, generally taking care of it as if it were her baby. It was sad sometimes to watch her because she tried desperately to get this toy to respond, to move, to live.
Tesla was not as impressed with the little rabbit as I thought she would be. She petted it but didn't pay it too much mind; certainly didn't pay as much attention to it as Mocha.
Anyway, information was that the rabbit probably would not survive if we tried to keep it so we returned it to the place Mocha found it. We hope that the mother would still accept it back after we had handled it and Mocha had licked it all over.
Sorry my little Mocha; no baby for you to raise; I know you would make a wonderful mommy.

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