Thursday, January 10, 2013

More Complicated


His decision was made; Nogard went in search of Lesmad to see if she would help him find a way to return. When Nogard found her, Lesmad was sitting on the petal of beautiful yellow rose not far from the oak tree he sat under while he thought about his decision. Sad when she heard his decision, Lesmad told Nogard there was more to know; perhaps knowing the whole story would change his decision. Nogard told her his mind was made up but of course he would listen to whatever she had to tell him, positive or not.
Well…………it seems that the longest part of a dragonfly's life is that part spent as a nymph in the water where they can sometimes live as long as four years. Once they have transformed as Nogard and Lesmad had, they mate, lay their eggs and might only live for a couple of months in these beautiful new surroundings where they had the freedom to fly so freely. Learning this, Nogard became even more saddened to think he had such a short time to spend with his newfound friend, Lesmad.
Now Nogard was faced with telling the sad story of the dragonfly as well as the exciting part of finding a better and more glorious life here on the other side. It would be hard for him to do but he believed that his family and friends all deserved to know the truth, so they could make their own decision to stay below, living a longer life or come here to live a much better but shorter life. He wasn’t at all sure what he would have done had he known the whole truth.
 As well as having to find a way to return, this new knowledge had made his task of telling his story a little more complicated. He must get to work; he didn’t have a lot of time.

To Be Continued..................

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