Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Running and Smelling


The Nose:
Well, you would run too if you were subjected to the myriad odors the nose is continually forced to inhale; I say forced because we have to breathe; to breathe means we must take in the surrounding air; the odors in the surrounding air cannot be separated from the air itself, in fact they become part of the air itself; therefore whatever odors are present you are forced to endure (whether you like them or not) just because you must breathe.

The Feet:
Well you would smell too if you were placed inside a sock-like dressing, then inside an airtight shoe-like housing (for hours on end); the toes jammed tightly together would need to smell (sniff) to get some air, without which they would simply suffocate.

Now then...........having said that......

That is a million dollar question but rather a useless waste of time to think about (well not really I guess; if it makes one think it isn't really useless). So why am I writing about it you ask? I suppose because it is rather nonsensical, but I just called it a million dollar question.........what do I mean, that I will miraculously get a million dollars for pondering this ridiculous question? To ponder this question is sort of like questioning the entire English language. Why do we call a potato a potato.......because that's what it is called; that's its name like my name is Grace (I think)........why did I call it a million dollar question then.........because that's an expression used in our language to indicate that something is of significance (or perhaps because of the ridiculousness of it). Whatever fits is the answer, sort of like if the shoe fits, wear it (a topic to write about at some future date).
Anyway, our nose doesn't actually RUN; what comes from inside the nose is what is RUNS out from inside the nose.
Our feet don't actually SMELL; they can get smelly but it would be the nose that would detect the odor in such a case.
So there you have it........noses don't RUN and feet don't SMELL.
I hope I haven't burst anyone's bubble (if you were expecting some wise and wonderful insight); it's just fun to write about ridiculous things sometimes, so lighten up and give it a try, you might like it!

No wonder "English" is considered a difficult language to learn.........Noses running and Feet smelling indeed!

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