Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What Will They Choose

(That is the question)

Snarky was becoming impatient as he watched from his hiding place, sure that Nogard and Lesmad had gone away without telling everyone the stories they had promised to tell, coming back only to get things stirred up in their little community.
It was getting late when Nogard and Lesmad finally wakened. They felt rested and quickly went in search of the villagers, being very careful to fold their wings away before going down into the water. Everyone anxiously awaited their return to share the grand feast and hear of their intriguing adventures on the other side. They ate until they were very full; then settled down so that Nogard could begin to tell his family and friends what he had learned.
There was loud cheering when Nogard told them about the journey up the lily pad stem to a wonderful place of green grass, trees, sunshine and lots of food. He explained to them about the ‘change’ they would all experience, not if but when, they decided to go to the other side; the beautiful wings, the amazing colors, the ability to fly in any direction and so very quickly. Almost everyone said they wanted to make the trip now this very night…………except Snarky who remained skeptical and in hiding.
Silence fell over them though when Nogard told the next part of his story; the part about not being able to return once they left their watery home; the part about being able to live for only a couple months once they arrived on the other side even though it was a much better life than they all had here. Of course he had to explain how it was that he was able to come back to tell his story; how an amazing huge 'grandfather' dragonfly had granted him and Lesmad this one-time wish to return to see them.
Some of the villagers believed his story; some did not, thinking he was only telling them the sad part of the story so that he could have the good life all to himself. Snarky warned them all again not to pay any mind to Nogard, that he was up to no good.
So it is that some dragonflies have a longer life than others; they have chosen to stay in their watery home for a longer time; others make the choice to climb the lily pad stem very young; regardless of which they choose, once they reach the other side they have only a few short months of life. Knowing this, these beautiful creatures make the most of every single moment, missing not one chance for excitement and happiness in their new home.
What will they choose………..that is their question.

This is My Very Own Legend of the Drangonfly.

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