Saturday, December 29, 2012


December 15/12
We encountered an accident on the way to the airport; had to make a short detour but all was well and we were there in plenty of time.Arrived in Puerto Vallarta at 4:30 local time. The line of people to clear customs was such that I have never before seen (it was that long).
No sooner were we past the customs point and we were 'grabbed' (I mean that literally) by the timeshare fishermen (horrible experience from which there seems no escape except to agree to attend a presentation). This happens at the airport as well as at the hotel after check-in where they enhance the pressure with free drinks. Check-in proved a bit of a challenge; they had record of our reservation for the second week but not for the first.........hmm interesting; finally got that squared away; put in out time with the timeshare fisherman and were done at last. By the time we got to our room it was late; we were both tired and ready for a good sleep........but happy to have arrived. We were staying at the Villa del Palmar (downtown), an old but nice resort.

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