Sunday, December 30, 2012

Back to Las Caletas Beach Hideaway

Early December 27th we boarded the boat to return to Las Caletas Beach Hideaway (the same place we had attended Rhythms of the Night) for a day of activities at the beach. On the way over in the boat we saw some whales although didn't manage to get any real good pictures (a difficult task).

Las Caletas Beach Hideaway was once a private retreat for Hollywood's biggest stars. Today this tropical beach hideaway is exclusive to Vallarta Adventures. It is accessible only by boat.

There were many optional activities so we relaxed for a while on the beach, went Kayaking, I went to a Paella Cooking lesson (where we made Salsa & watched the chef make Paella) while George tanned on the sand, we had a wonderful lunch (which included the Paella from the cooking lesson) then took photos with the snake (George) parrots and monkeys. It was a great time (another first for me; kayaking) and we had fun there for the day.

When we returned from the day at the beach the rash on my neck was no better in fact it seemed to have spread around to the front of my neck, so a phone call directed us to the doctor. Seeing a doctor in Mexico is an experience all of its own (not bad just not anything we are accustomed to). The Doctor was located in an office on the street just off from the resort; it was signed 'Emergency Hospital'. We tried the door; it seemed to be locked; thinking we were at the wrong place, we continued down the street; soon the doctor poked his head out of the door and we went back; he had the door locked because it wouldn't stay closed.........hmmmmm. OK, into the office we go and the Doctor is there all by himself sitting behind his desk; invites us to sit; our consultation begins. After some questioning he examines my neck, writes a prescription, we pay the bill (700 Pesos) and we are on our way, George to find a drug store and I back to the room. We couldn't establish for certain what caused the rash but the Doctor seemed to have a suspicion it could have been from the beach towel I had been using (supplied by the resort). He said it was definitely an alergic reaction. After the lotion and pills for three days, which he prescribed, the rash was gone...........all's well that ends well...........another day in Mexico.

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