Sunday, December 30, 2012

He Will Just Zip On Over

First rate luxurious ride on this fabulous Mexican Limosine (as the driver called it) to the jungle and the Los Veranos Canopy Tour, where George went zipping through the trees, over the rivers, visiting the termites and generally having a pretty fun time on the zip-lines.....(December 22).

Zip-lining seemed like it would be just a bit too scary for me so I waited with a coffee and my reader in the little restaurant at the end of the zip-liners adventure trail. As it turned out and as George told me later, it really was no more scary that parasailing (which I enjoyed in Cobo). Oh well perhaps next time I will try it.

At the end of their 'zipping' we ate lunch at the restaurant beside the river which flowed over the rocks (love the sound of a river perhaps because I grew up beside one) was really a nice setting. Later discovery showed I had been the recipient of yet more 'bites' (great!) but it was a fun trip and George enjoyed the adventure.

Back to the hotel, relaxed, went to Mediterranean night and entertainment at the resort then up to our room for a bit of reading and bed time.

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