Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sunset Sailing Cruise

At some time during the morning of December 19 we decided to take a walk to Starbucks to see if we could get WiFi since it wasn't free at out hotel (fact a bit mind boggling for 2012) so that we could check if we had any messages that required our attention.
After much frustration and trying to get the Playbook to do what we wanted........Success............we had a coffee, got on-line, retrieved a message from Eric and Robin about Mocha, sent a reply and we were off back to our hotel.

That evening we went on a Sunset Sailing Cruise. I had never been sailing before (George had so it wasn't new for him); I was quite looking forward to the adventure. The crew was very friendly, we got drinks, lunch and a nice relaxing time on the ocean in a sailboat. Although we didn't get to see a sunset (it happened to be too cloudy) it was a beautiful warm evening and an enchanting experience that we both enjoyed.

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