Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fat or Slim

Fat...........just a word right? Right. It suggests being fat (or obese) in a statement like the person pictured here is 'fat'. It suggests better or richer as in an expression I have heard used to describe what the early settlers had to do living off the fat of the land. It suggests excess as in suggesting an organization might cut the fat in order to trim the budget. It is used to describe good or rich as in this quote by Robert Louis Stevenson "It was a fine, green fat landscape". It is used to describe something big ie: a big fat book.........and so on.
It appears to me any way you slice it the word fat signifies big, large or abundant in any of its uses.
Slim........just another word right? Right. It suggests the exact opposite of the word fat. It suggests small thickness. It suggests small amount. If a person slims down it means they lose weight or become smaller. The advertisement depicts a bottle that is slim or tall and thin.
It appears to me any way you slice it the word slim signifies thin or small in any of its uses.
YET the expressions "Fat Chance"......and......"Slim Chance" are used to mean and do mean the same thing. Fat chance of that happening....and....Slim chance of that happening mean the very same - chances are very good that whatever is being referred to, is not going to happen.
The English language and all its little pieces; there is slim chance that I will ever get them all figured out (or fat chance either)........:)

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Linda J said...

I, therefore, have:
1. a fat chance of being slim, and
2. a slim chance of being slim;

however,I do have a chance to slim down the fat :)

and I'll keep working on the language thing :0