Friday, May 21, 2010

Get Out of the Way

Heading over to see a 'man about a dog' (as the saying goes) though the reason for my excursion is really neither here not there; the excursion itself is the topic of my concern. All city traffic can be a pain and this day is no different. Moving along at decent speed, we come to a narrowing of this particular street, down to one lane from two. Everyone gets merged into the lane but for some reason immediately slows down to 'crawl' almost.....frustrating......having only one lane available doesn't mean necessarily, one needs to creep along like a turtle. So we travel at turtle speed for a distance........ah a break ahead..........the second lane is being offered back to us........yipeeee........we can get past these turtles who have been causing our blood pressure to rise. Finally we reach two lanes. Some drivers move to the right lane, some stay in the left lane, we stay in the left lane to get past some of the slower vehicles; alas as we try to pass they have speeded up and a bullet wouldn't get by them now.
What's up with that? When passing is impossible we slow down so that traffic can't make any progress at all. When passing is possible we speed up so that we can stay in the lead.......(nobody is gonna get past me boy, attitude!).
Just another of life's little mysteries of human behavior I guess.....oh my oh my oh my!
I think I will just ride my bike!

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Linda J said...

It's always a consideration - bikes - then Yikes! I wouldn't want to be in traffic with those crazy drivers all around...

Ya, cannot win.

I would assume you got to where you were going and back again - hence the post :)

Have a great weekend!