Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What To Do When You Are Bored

Getting bored is never on my agenda so if it happens it isn't because I planned it and certainly not because it's something I enjoy. If it slips onto my radar though, I just rustle up something to do. Not always easy to do you say? Well let's see; there are many options available; maybe not for the weak of heart but still choices nonetheless. Let's examine some.
Before you read further though you must be ready to take some risks. Elenor Roosevelt said "Do one thing every day that scares you."
Have you ever thought about baking a cake in the 'buff' (a banana bread maybe)........some advantages in that you wouldn't have to worry about getting batter all over your clothes (or those gooooey slippery mashed bananas). It would certainly be much more exciting than baking a cake while clothed....don't you think? Take precautions when putting the cake in the oven though....anything hanging down could get scorched (you know what Maxine said).
This would fit the risk category.....could it be the thing for the day that would scare you?
There's always a possibility you could leave the cake in the oven long enough to cause large billows of smoke to come pouring out of the oven. This would require a call to the fire department; just think about all those nice young friendly fire-fighter-guys that would come bursting into the house to put out your fire. Be cautious of anything that may still remain hanging........I have seen those fire-fighter-guys with their axes. When they start chopping, nothing is safe and that's for sure!
Suppose you didn't burn the banana cake...........? You could take it over to your mother-in-law's house & tell her that her son baked it. She would eat it no matter how it tasted and only you would have to know that you spilled a big glob of batter on your boooob (which you quickly scraped up and put back into the bowl).
If you don't want to try the banana cake or you don't have a mother-in-law (remember Elenor said you should do one thing every day that scares you) then how about if you grab a pencil/pen & notebook, take a ride into the country, find a nice secluded spot, spread a blanket on the ground under a huge tree, remove your clothes, sit down on the blanket & begin writing (whatever comes to mind). You might be pleasantly surprised at what pops into your vision.......just to be completely free in nature brings about all sorts of possibilities. if you don't try it how will you know what you could have enjoyed?
Just a couple ideas for the next time you might be bored......:):)

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Linda J said...

...yes like that prickly bush up your...

LOL Grace, where do you come up with these?

And btw, just the thought of both scare me so I've done my duty for the day. NOPE, never bored here, NO WAY :)