Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh the Leaves

(A little fun with WFSC Saturday Writing prompt - Dry Leaves and Humbug)
Oh the leaves; look at them; they are everywhere; they cover the lawn; they cover the street; they cover my car; they cover the driveway; they cover everything but trees (where they are supposed to be)....grrrrrrr. We need to rid our life of these leaves since it seems that winter is inevitable. Even though it doesn't get 'Alberta' cold here in Surrey, we do get a winter of sorts and the leaves do fall from the trees. Our whole street is red in the fall (with red maple) but those red things fall down eventually to give us hours of toil and trouble trying to get them picked up.
Most years we are outdoors come fall (in the rain) trying to get the leaves picked, blown or sucked up. If you can imagine a huge thick blanket of humongous wet leaves everywhere then you will know our plight.
We use the snow shovel to scoop them up (it doesn't get much use otherwise) & get them into yard trash containers for pickup. What's left we rake as best we can then scoop some more. Eventually we do get them picked up.
There is always some smarty coming down the street who has no yard to worry about, whistling away and he says to you with a big smile "Big job aye?". To him I say "Blah Blah Blah Humbug; I wish I were in Alberta where there are dry leaves in the fall!"

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Linda J said...

I guess the bright side to the story would be ... at least you can rake them in a pile and they will stay there. The plight of Joe and Kelsey's characters after a big wind hits, will attest to the fact that Alberta "dry leaves" have their idiosyncracies too :>)

Good fun with the prompts! Great job!