Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Life is...........

Life is a rat race; life is a picnic; life is a box of chocolates..........What best describes your life?

My life can't be described by any one single metaphor on-accounta-because it overlapped, intertwined, ran beside above or under, sat next to, was a part of OR generally speaking just didn't fit ONE alone.
Sometimes my life was like a march of monkeys; I would be eeeh eeeh eeehing along with all the other monkeys, picking the flees from their backs, behind some sap who I thought at the time was this great leader of monkeys......only to find out later the leader lacked lustre and left lasting legible loopholes in his theories.
For a time life was probably like a box of chocolates in that it took on different flavors, but most of them edible and sweet tasting.
There was the time when my life seemed like cotton candy; from the outside looking in, appeared light & fluffy, sort of like a soft white cloud. So long as the spun sugar on a stick sat in the display case life stayed still, safe; soon as it was placed in hands or made available to someone it disappeared like magic without even so much as one little chew.
I guess a few periods of my life blurred together in the thunder storms; could have been likened to a Roller Coaster; accelerating to full tilt with countless ups and downs, spins and turns, even sometimes going completely upside down out of control; times of excitement, anticipation, question, fear, total grief and despair.
There were warm golden autumn seasons of my life that took on the lope of an elephant; the cold frozen brisk white of winter seasons that took on the sprint of a cheetah; the wild new spring seasons that took on the thunderous roar of the buffalo stampede; the strong stable summer seasons that took on the strength & stability of a soaring eagle.
My mom used to make something she called 'mulligan' which was a combination soup/stew; it contained almost everything but the kitchen sink. I think my life, because it contained such a variety of vegetative situations, most resembles her mulligan.
Those are my reflective metaphors.

My creative metaphor is that my life is like the moments just before the sun rises. The mountains (the strength in my life) appear in silhouette, the golden glow of the sun (the light in my life) just waking behind them accents the light fluffy clouds (the dreams in my life), the green landscape (the day to day part of my world) working toward the forefront is marked by shades of color, the closest sways slightly in the breeze; horses, puppies and butterflies romp together; all is quiet, peaceful, beautiful, alive.

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Linda J said...

momentus mulligan metaphors

I love the last paragraph and the colors of life that go with it.