Saturday, May 1, 2010

Farewell to Kind and Trusted Friends

Goodbyes are not forever
Goodbyes are not the end
They simply mean I'll miss you
Until we shall meet again!!

The author is unknown but a fitting verse for such loyal friends.
"I've decided on the day" he said to me. "Hmmmm & what day will that be?" I say to him. Looking at me rather smugly, head slightly tilted, he said "I will tell you when it gets closer to the date". "All right then" I reply.
I'm a bit undecided about whether I would like to be able, or would like someone else to be able, to decide my date of death......not sure about that at all. Nonetheless he has made that very decision about this long and loyal couple you see pictured here. They have walked with him ever since I came here to be with him (three years this July) and goodness only knows how long before that (he isn't telling...maybe another 4 years). I would say though they have served him many hundreds of miles & deserve now to rest.
It is so very difficult to say good bye; especially a permanent good bye. When it's a sudden death you are left with no choice but to accept and deal with it. (An accidental death for example by being chewed up when falling away from the 10 smelly toes you were housing and under the lawn mower.) A death of choice though is quite another matter. My hat is off to him for having made this difficult decision to end the life of such devoted followers; they have after all, followed him wherever he chose for them to go........indoors, outdoors, on land, on sea, at home, away from home..........they have always been there for him.
Who else would have allowed ten smelly toes to snuggle up inside the same fluffy interior as you for such extended periods of time?..........hours on end! Indredible loyalty!
Who else would have allowed feet and those same ten smelly toes to walk on them continually as soon as the shoes came off? Again........incredible support for being second fiddle!
Who else would wait patiently by the door for your return whenever you decided to go off some place (probably enjoying yourself & leaving them behind)?....... Some devotion!
Parting is such sweet sorrow. George my thoughts are with you; I support you in this difficult process!..........:)

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Linda J said...

omg Grace - funny - I hope George got a laugh out of it despite his sweet sorrow parting - which by the way seems to be what's happening with his friend's souls... parting. IT is time to say... "yeah, though I've walked through think and thin with George; I will feel no heel..."