Sunday, May 9, 2010

What is a Mom?

For all time there have been and will forever be, attempts to define and describe a MOM. Many hundreds of thousands of words have been written about MOM.
I have again written one more contribution to the attempt.
If your mom is still with you, cherish her and tell her how much you love her, if she is no longer with you, cherish her and tell her how much you love her.
Enjoy my poem.
What is a Mom?
A mom never tells you about the pain she felt while she carried you
the number of times she was sick
or unable to eat certain foods
No......instead she tells of the love that flooded her whole being
when the nurse placed you in her arms
her eyes first set upon your tiny little face
A mom never tells you of the tears with every disappointment
along your journey to accomplishment
even just taking that very first little step
No......instead she tells of the excitement and absolute joy
at hearing the sound of your first word
listening to your first contagious giggle
A mom never tells you how very very tired she was sometimes
when there was no one else to drive you
to Brownies or your evening music lesson
No......instead she tells you how her heart swelled with pride
at the beautiful sounds of the school choir
and she listened to you sing your first solo
A mom never stops loving you or being there for you ever
when you push her away in frustration
even the times you say you hate her
No......instead she circles you with love from a distance away
the distance you allow her to have
distance she never lets grow any larger
A mom never gives up fighting to make this life better for you
even though she is exhausted from trying
when it seems her efforts are all in vain
No......instead she keeps pushing you forward as much as she dare
listening to you in later years tell her
how she should have pushed harder
A mom never turns her back when you decide to marry
someone unworthy of your love
one she feels certain will hurt you
No......instead she watches as you head into such a big step
stands by to catch you when you fall
holds you as the bruises are healing
A mom never stops trying; learning new steps in the dance
even if she can't hear the music play
even when the music stops playing
No......instead she tries her very hardest to figure out the steps
when the music changes in the middle
of the dance you are doing at the time
A mom never stops looking for answers to the pieces of life
that seem the hardest to fit together
even when it seems no answer is
No......instead she keeps right on looking; trying all the angles
worrying; digging deep down inside
searching for the one solution to it all
She isn't perfect; we'll never define her; but she's your mom
Forgive her for the mistakes she made along the way
Hold her, cherish her as much as she does you
Sing with her, love her and tell her you do

1 comment:

Linda J said...

Very beautiful attempt to describe that person who is our main connection to life, from birth on.

It's funny being in the middle, though - looking up to my mom and and knowing how things have changed for us, how we have become friends and then wondering how my daughter looks to me.

It's an awesome job.